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Early intervention is essential for managing staff absence and any other health issues that could potentially arise in the workplace. D4Health is unique in that we offer a prompt and efficient service to both employers and employees.

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Support your staff and minimise the impact of sickness absence

A management referral, also known as a sickness absence referral, absence management, or a return-to-work assessment, is an independent assessment of an employee. It is arranged when the employee has been unable to attend work due to illness or injury, or where there is a health-related concern which may be impacting their ability to work at their full potential.

Our expert occupational health practitioners will identify the cause of an employee’s absence or performance issue and provide a comprehensive report that outlines actionable steps that the business can take to support their employees and help them move forward.

How can D4Health support your business?


48 hour turnaround

We have a same-day response rate and most employees are offered a consultation within 48 hours.


Continuous support

We continue to support you after the referral and advise on the next potential steps.


Detailed reporting

Our comprehensive reports provide personalised health insights that encourage employers to make informed decisions for their employee's well-being.


Confidential employee support

D4Health allows employees the opportunity to raise health concerns in a confidential setting and ensure all employees are fit to work.


Medical advice

We provide an additional service where you can speak directly to our medical director ensuring any health concerns or questions are answered.

How do I refer an employee for a management referral?

Issuing a referral to D4Health is a simple process. Initially, you need to complete a referral form which provides our clinician with details of the employee.

You then provide our team with your concerns in relation to your staff member and your employee must sign and complete a consent form.

Once we have your form, we will contact the employee to arrange the appointment, and keep you informed with confirmation once completed. Within 48 hours of the appointment, we will send you the medical report, which will provide you with the information and guidance you need to progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the employee need to travel to a clinic for the assessment?

Not necessarily. Most assessments are now conducted remotely, either by telephone or video call as the majority of sickness absence and occupational illness is of a nature that does not require a physical assessment. This also means that we can assess the employee much quicker and provide the report to you promptly. However, all referrals are triaged by our team, and we will advise if a face-to-face assessment would be required and arrange this for you either at one of our clinic locations or at your company site.

When can I refer an employee for a management referral?

What do I tell the employee I am referring?

Will a management referral advise on dismissal of an employee?

How will a management referral help my business?

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