Night-worker screening

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If your employee works in an environment where they are regularly exposed to risks such as loud noise, dust, chemicals, solvents, vibrations, lead, or asbestos, then you have a legal obligation to provide regular health surveillance. This ensures that their health is not negatively impacted by their working conditions.

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Ensure employee health isn’t impacted by their working conditions

Night work is strongly linked with disrupted sleep patterns and natural bodily rhythms, as well as digestive disorders, heart disease, headaches, and stress. It can also worsen pre-existing health conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes.

A night-worker screening is an individual assessment of an employee’s fitness and wellbeing and determines if they are able to safely perform their duties during the night. A screening is typically arranged for when a new or existing employee begins working later shifts that operate between the hours of 11pm and 6am, or when health problems arise for an employee as a result of night work.

Employers must offer night-workers a free assessment, but completion of this assessment is completely voluntary by the worker.

What are the benefits?


Meet your legal obligations


Provides recommendations to support employees transitioning to night work


Provides a cost-effective triage method that focuses on further assistance, where it is needed


Highlights any medical conditions that may become worse by working night-time hours


Address work-related illness, preventing long-term damage

How does night-worker screening work?

Night-worker screening requires the employee to complete a comprehensive questionnaire, submitted alongside their completed consent form. The questionnaire is designed to assess the health of an employee to determine their suitability for the job role. The assessment is reviewed by our experienced occupational health nurses who highlight any health issues that are likely to impact the employee’s ability to fulfill their role.

A fitness letter will be created which will confirm whether the employee is suitable for night work (with or without adjustments), or recommend further investigation by a specialist before a decision can be made.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider night-worker screening for my staff?

As an employer, night workers are entitled to regular health checks and you are required to offer repeat assessments. There are also a number of benefits, including:
- Demonstrating compliance with HSE regulations
- Providing a cost-effective triage method that enables employers to focus on providing further assistance
- Highlighting employee medical conditions that may become worse by working at night
- Providing recommendations to support employees transitioning to night work

How does a night-worker screening work?

What happens if an employee is not fit for night work?

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