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D4Health provides a responsive and supportive mental health screening service, working alongside BACP-accredited counsellors. We offer you after-service support, depending on the requirements of both the business and the employee.

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What is mental health screening?

Poor mental health costs employers over £33 billion a year and is the biggest cause of employee absence. Understanding the mental wellbeing of your workforce is a crucial step when implementing an effective health & wellbeing strategy.

D4Health’s bespoke mental health questionnaire will assess employee mental wellbeing across a range of areas, including anxiety, depression, and stress. By conducting this exercise regularly your business can understand the overall mental wellbeing of your workforce and monitor the effectiveness of your health and wellbeing strategy over time.

If you are looking for ways to support your staff, but don’t know where to start, mental health screenings alongside staff health checks is an excellent and effective first step.

What are the benefits of mental health screening?


Employee confidentiality

Confidential and sensitive way to measure staff mental health


Understand challenges

Understand the mental health challenges experienced by your workforce


Measure impact

Measure the impact of your health and wellbeing strategy


Demonstrate commitment

Demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing



Reduce the cost impact of mental health-related illness in the workplace

How does a mental health screening service work?

We provide your employee with a bespoke mental health questionnaire, when completed the results are then screened by our experienced occupational health nurses, evaluating the answers provided by your employee. Where a high score is indicated, we will arrange a telephone consultation to gather further information and understand the reasons behind the employee’s responses. Where appropriate, we will then suggest coping strategies and offer additional information and support. We may also signpost the employee to suitable counselling and therapies.

An anonymised report is then provided to the business summarising the score across each area, providing a valuable overview of your workplace mental wellbeing. You can either initiate your own follow-up actions, or we can arrange further support to assist you in improving your health and wellbeing strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider offering mental health screening?

Our mental health screening is available to support your employees through a range of mental health challenges including anxiety and depression, stress, and PTSD. If you have concerns about an employee and feel they need support, you can contact our team for advice on whether counselling would be the most suitable intervention.

What are the benefits?

What is the process?

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