Skin assessment

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Some working environments have PPE as a mandatory requirement when operating in the area, but this doesn’t always include an employee’s skin being fully covered. As a result, they’re exposed to potentially harmful substances that can either irritate or damage their skin.

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Have your staff assessed if they’re exposed to skin irritants as part of their job role

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 ensures that the employer is responsible for looking after their staff’s health if they work with hazardous materials. D4Health’s skin assessment is a service intended to help meet this regulation, with a brief questionnaire on the employee’s role and working environment, and a visual examination of the skin on their hands and arms.

What are common skin irritants?


Solvents such as paint, adhesive and powder coating


Greases, oils and lubricants


Solidifying substances like epoxy resin and hardeners


Antibacterials and antiseptics


Chalky or heavily chlorinated water

What is the process for a skin assessment?

The employee will be required to complete a brief questionnaire, with questions relating to their current job role and the environment they work in. There will also be questions regarding workplace precautions and measures in place. Once completed, our occupational health specialist will conduct a visual examination of the hands and arms, inspecting for any rashes or inflammation on the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do my staff need a skin assessment?

If your staff are working in an environment where they are susceptible to being in contact with irritants or hazardous substances, it's your duty as an employer to ensure staff a regularly assessed, in line with COSHH Regulation 2002.

What are the benefits of having a skin assessment?

Can't I refer an employee to their GP for a skin assessment?