Pre-placement screening

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D4Health provides a range of health screening services, designed to enable employers to assess the health of new employees or staff switching to new roles. A pre-placement screening is a simple but effective method used to identify employees who may need support or may not be able to fulfill the demands and requirements of a new role.

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When it comes to knowing your employees and understanding what they need in terms of occupational health support, can make a huge difference in preventing workplace-related illness – which sees millions of working days lost every year.

Pre-placement screening aims to learn about the needs of your staff in terms of their health and wellbeing, so you can ensure that they have all the support they need to stay fit and healthy in their job role.

What are the benefits of a pre-placement health screening?


Reduced absence

Reduce sickness absence later in the employment cycle


Health awareness

Demonstrate your commitment to health and wellbeing in the workplace


Employee flexibility

Understand the likely adjustments and support needed for employees



Reduce spend on replacing staff and sick pay benefits


Improved culture

Increases morale, creating a positive workplace culture

How does a pre-placement health screening work?

Our pre-placement health screening can be offered to employees annually, or on a regular basis.

The employee will complete a comprehensive questionnaire along with their signed consent form, designed to assess the health of an employee and used to determine their suitability for a role they have been offered. The assessment is reviewed by our experienced occupational health nurses, highlighting any health issues that are likely to impact the employee’s ability to fulfill the role.

The final report will either suggest the employee is fit for work, or likely to be unfit. Where the latter is indicated, a further and more detailed assessment may be required, which D4Health can facilitate.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider health screening my staff?

Pre-employment screening is an effective method for reducing the likelihood of employees experiencing work-related illness or injury later in their employment. It can be useful for all employees regardless of role or industry. However, you must have already provided the offer of employment before conducting pre-placement screening to ensure you are compliant with employment legislation, otherwise, it is likely to be interpreted as discrimination on health grounds.

What does a pre-placement screening involve?

How do I implement health screening?

What happens if an employee is not fit for work?

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