Specialist referrals

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At D4Health, we use our network of doctors and dedicated providers, to help faciliate your business with specialist referrals. We have contacts throughout the country that can provide you with the specialist services that you and your staff require.

Typically, a specialist referral is given when visiting your GP. They evaluate your concerns and refer you to a specialist if they deem that an assessment or treatment is neccessary. With D4Health, our approach is much more streamlined. If you’ve previously used one of our services, such as management referrals or health checks, any recommendations or advice given on those reports can be used as evidence toward getting a specialist referral.

With any referral our occupational health doctor gives, their aim is to accomodate your employee by referring a local specialist, making the transition from one provider to another as smooth as possible.

Why D4Health for specialist referrals?


Fast turnaround


Streamlined approach to referrals


Both employer and employee kept updated


Personalised treatment plan


Commitment and care to employee wellbeing

How do I refer an employee for a specialist referral?

A specialist referral doesn’t come from making a request, but instead from a recommendation. If an employee has recently completed a management referal, the information provided in the report may suggest a specialist service is required to further assess the employee. It is from this recommendation and information given in the report, that we can propose a specialist referral.

Below is a list of specialist referrals we can offer:

  • MRI scan
  • X-ray
  • Resting ECG
  • Stress ECG
  • CT scan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your specialist referrals POA?

When looking to accomodate an employee for their referral, D4Health refer to their network of providers to meet the exacting requirements. Each specialist service provider has their own rate and availability, this is quoted back to the employer for confirmation before a referral is made.

Can't a specialist referral only be made by a GP?